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Real Music Live (“RML”) is an explosive half-hour music series that brings the golden age of real artists playing live music into the exciting world of social TV. Viewers can take control of a concert happening right in their living rooms, with raw and exclusive performances, celebrity guest hosts, and special tributes to music legends brought to life through an innovative and interactive fan-driven format. The momentum then continues to build, as fans re-live the experience digitally, inform each other using social media avenues, and engage at live community events.

By cutting straight through the clutter of today’s music industry, Real Music Live unlocks the incredible potential of television as a next-level entertainment platform. Using the transformative power of social media and community, RML connects brands with pop culture on the stages where consumers can engage with newfound purpose and passion.

RML, which previously aired a test episode on NBC to receive exceptional success, is a live concert/music television show with the likes of “American Bandstand” that will begin soon. NFocus Entertainment will reinvent the “live concert show TV genre” while integrating brands into the show’s segments and onstage performances by international Pop, R&B, Rap, Rock and Country stars.

We at Real Music Live invite you to get plugged in by allowing fans’ voices to be registered via online submissions at RealMusicLive.com. With real-time questions submitted by viewers nationwide, RML keeps fans connected to their favorite bands and artists. Real Music Live keeps fans connected to their favorite bands and artists.

Real Music Live is an energetic show for music fans of all genres, and the best place to get plugged in to the hit music of today — LIVE.

The episodes are broken into five distinct segments, each designed to highlight a specific type of performer.

1. Centerstage - Chart-toppers, gold and platinum selling artist strut their stuff. These artists have played some of the largest venues and have rubbed elbows with the top late night talk show hosts.

2. Fan Fave - The hottest new band on the verge of going viral. The young explosive act should’ve had its big break. These artists on the rise can upload their videos directly to Real Music Live, and watch as viewers take matters into their own hands by voting online for their favorites to perform live at the Grove.

3. Critics' Choice - Whether emerging or underground, these artists are rising stars. They are bringing the hits and creating a buzz throughout the social media world.

4. Studio Access - These artists are the trailblazers and music pioneers who have paved the way for new artists. Join Real Music Live as we pay homage, share stories, and hear them perform live!

5. Beyond the Stage – Beyond The Stage takes the viewers on an exclusive behind the scenes tour of Real Music Live. This is where the viewers will become familiar with the Hosts, Bands and Artists appearing on the show. Our viewers will see the magical moments, that include an inside look. Beyond The Stage gives our viewers their very own backstage pass to Real Music Live.